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Green Oak - Zielony Dąb

Dear Hunters!

The year 2017 has begun. I wish you mainly successful hunts. As you know, while organizing the hunts, I try to make the foreign hunters - who visit our great areas - expectations come true, so I can help you in the organization of the hunt of your dreams, thanks to polish beautiful, wild nature and our (more than 200) excellent areas.

We are before the beginning of the hunting roebuck season - very important one. There is a mild winter, while writing this text. There is almost no snow, so we can expect really good trophies. As usual we invite you from 11th May for roebuck hunting, then red stag hunting in September, fallow buck in October, finishing with driven hunts lasting until mid January of the next year.

I would like to encourage you to visit Poland. Those who haven't been to Poland yet, will be nicely surprised with our traditional Polish hospitality and kindness. You will experience a hunt, which is very close to nature. The areas and hunters, with whom I have been cooperated for many years, are waiting for you. I know in the areas almost each stone, and I know what values I am able to propose you. I invite you to hunt in Poland with the Green Oak. Let the hunting passion - which can be rediscivered in our beautiful areas - join us!


Darz Bór! (May the forest reward you!)

Radek Kosiorek






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